Our ski trails

The trails are illuminated and accessible between 06:00 – 22:00. The easiest way to buy a rail pass is through
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Length: 10 km (mile track)

The Lahti track was created for our national team skiers for the World Championships in Lahti, Finland. The route has been adapted several times to suit the different track profiles in Lahti, so today it is difficult to say which of the championship tracks it is most similar to.

Our Lahti trail offers a tough start uphill and then undulates nicely in the forest along the Ottfjäll side.

Lake Placid

Length: 8.1 km

Another championship track that has marked many successful skiers. Choose Lake Placid if you want to pick up altitude meters or maybe an Olympic gold medal like Thomas Wassberg did during the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid.

The trail runs through varied terrain of spruce forest and pine swamps. The altitude difference is 414 meters in 8 kilometers.

Interval track

Length: 5 km

The trail is accessed via Elljusspåren and runs on a long slope along Ottfjällsvägen, perfect for interval training, 2.5km uphill, 2.5km downhill.

The trail is also a good option when going down from the mountain. Here you also reach the two shelters located at Ottfjällsvägen, in clear weather the upper one is recommended for a break with great views.

The trail is often used by hikers on their way to or from the peaks of Ottfjället.


Length: 7 km

Our toughest track, which the elite skiers like and drive with a smile on their faces. Through mountain forests and on bare mountains, up and down hills, the trail swings here and there, one curve worse than the other.

Venture around and you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the mountains. The name originates from the Olympics in Sapporo, Japan, where Sven-Åke Lundbäck won gold in the 15 km. Of course he trained in Vålådalen.

You can reach the trail by taking our ski lift up to the top, or via Lake Placid or the Interval Trail. As Sapporo stretches over bare mountains, it may drift again and we may not be able to groom for several days.

Little Sapporo

Length: 3.7 km

An easy trail that winds its way inside the Sapporo trail. The same stunning setting as at Sapporo, but with a flat and relaxing draw. Suitable for all levels. The trail is best reached via the lift and ends with a long downhill run on Intervallspåret down to Elljusspåren.

You can reach the trail by taking our ski lift up to the top, or via Lake Placid or the Interval Trail. As Lill Sapporo stretches over bare mountains, it may drift again and we may not be able to groom for several days.

The zero tar round

Length: 8.1 km

Easy family hike that winds through mountainous old-growth forest. The round goes via Nulltjärnsbäcken and Nulltjärnarna, at Nulltjärnarna there is a shelter with barbecue area.

Parts of the trail are groomed sporadically and are suitable for ski touring and sledging.

The waffle tour

Length: 16.5 km

A ski trip between the three villages; Vålådalen, Östra Vålådalen and Vallbo. The tour goes through forest and over marshland with beautiful mountain views. Hilly in parts.

Between Östra Vålådalen and Vallbo there is a shelter with a barbecue area, and there is also a barbecue area at the bridge over Vålån. At Vålågården in Östra Vålådalen, lunch and waffles are served, ask us about opening hours.


Length: 17.8 km

A relatively flat trail that largely follows the elevation curves around Vålåsen, through old-growth forest and over marshland. If you keep your eyes open, you may well see wolverine or lynx tracks.

The trail is suitable for both those who want to train for long races or those who want a nice day trip.

Electric light trail

Available in lengths: 2.1 km, 2.8 km, 4.0 km, 5.0 km, 6.0 km and 8.2 km. Relatively flat trails in undulating terrain that even less experienced skiers can handle. The trails run in sheltered terrain and are nice even on windy days.

Technology track

Around Christmas, we prepare our Technology Track at our sports stadium, suitable for those who want to sharpen their technique on flat ground.


The biathlon range and the 1.3 km biathlon track are directly adjacent to the Elljusspåren.

Cross-country skiing

Just in time for the sports holidays, we open the Skicross area for cross-country skiing.


Direction of travel

All tracks are counter-clockwise, with the exception of Nulltjärnsrundan.

Classical & Skate

Premier Tracks, Elljus Tracks, Lake Placid, Interval Tracks, Sapporo, Lill Sapporo, Holmenkollen, Waffle Trail, Lahti and Biathlon Trail.


Nulltjärnsrundan, Fjällsvängen and Vallbo mile track. Simple preparation that occurs sporadically.


If you’re pulling children’s snowshoes or a pack, you’ll be skating on the side of the trails that are groomed for skating. Chariot pools with skis can be used both on the classic track and on the skate section.


During the Premier season – which runs from 15/10 to the regular winter season – dogs are not allowed on the trails. During the regular winter season, leashed dogs are welcome on all our trails.