Sports groups

Train in Vålådalen – perform better. Both the Swedish national cross-country team and the world’s best cross-country team, Team Eksjöhus, train in Vålådalen.

World Cup and Olympic medalists

Every year, we welcome sports legends, national team athletes and world champions to train alongside clubs, associations and schools. Training in Vålådalen is synonymous with development, success and joy.

Cross-country skiing and biathlon are our absolute specialty and our season is long, already in mid-October we open ski tracks and the biathlon range. In Vålådalen there are many opportunities for training – all year round – and few restrictions. We have a full-size sports hall, gym, roller ski track and lots of trails and paths that are perfect for running and cycling. This, combined with our long experience in hosting sports groups, large and small, is the key to a successful training camp.

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In Vålådalen you will find activities that strengthen, challenge and entertain. The mountain station and the surrounding nature reserve provide many opportunities whatever the season. All guests have access to our timber sauna cabin with hot tubs and relaxation, sports hall, gym, sports field and ski tracks in absolute world class.

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Package deals

Summer training

11-14 juli

Under the guidance of former elite athlete Anders Eriksson, you will be helped to achieve your training goals in a way that will bring results.

Summer training

för tjejer 15-18 augusti

Under the guidance of former elite athlete Liv Kalström, you will be helped to achieve your training goals in a way that will bring results.

Treat yourself to an adventure

Vålådalsfyrkanten på egen hand

Turen utgår från Vålådalens Fjällstation och tar dig genom Vålådalens naturreservats vidunderligt vackra fjällvärld.

Utveckla dina kunskaper

Längdläger Klassisk 2024

Oavsett om du anser att du är nybörjare eller vill slipa på din teknik till nästa Vasalopp är det här lägret för dig.

Curious about skateboarding?

Längdläger Skate 2024

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or want to improve your technique, this camp is for you.