Many classic mountain tours start from Vålådalen, such as the shorter Blanktjärnsrundan, Ottfjällsturen, Pyramiderna and Kyrksten.

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Hiking for all

Vålådalen is also a perfect starting point for multi-day trips to mountain huts such as Stensdalen, Vålåstugorna and Lunndörrsstugan.

In Vålådalen’s mountain world there is something for everyone, whether you are a first-time hiker or a real mountain fox.

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New rules in Vålådalen nature reserve

Most of the trails in the Vålådal area run partly within the Vålådal nature reserve. From May 2023, new rules will apply and if you are going to the reserve, you need to be aware of the rules!

There are areas where you are only allowed to make fires in the fireplaces that are available, and then with your own firewood or sometimes firewood that is available to carry from the trailhead. You are still allowed to camp and stay overnight in almost all of the reserve, but there are some areas where it is prohibited for nature conservation reasons. Cycling is allowed along specially marked trails, part of the year.

More info can be found at: County Administrative Board of Jämtland

Day trips 1-10 km


Length: 4 km (round trip)

At the Nipan rest area you have wonderful views. It is located high above Vålån and faces Ottfjället, Rekdalen and Kyrksten. Leave the trail center towards Lunndörrstugan and turn right after the suspension bridge. After about 1 km you reach the wind shelter where you can sit down and just feel the peace, or why not pick up the coffee thermos!

Västra Storbäcken

Length: 3 km (round trip)

When Vålådalen’s first tourist, Minister Thomas, came to Vålådalen, he had hunting lodges built on Ottfjället. One of these cabins was later converted into this shelter, which still stands on the site. Follow the trail up or walk Elljusspåret backwards for about 500 m and then turn left onto Intervallspåret. The shelter is on the right about 1 km up the road.

Kläppen på Ottfjället

Length: 7 km (round trip)

At the end of Ottfjällsvägen, above the tree line, is Kläppen. A small peak overlooking a large part of the Jämtland mountains. Follow the trail from the mountain station or walk Elljusspåret backwards 500 m, turn left on Intervallspåret (Ottfjällsvägen) and follow it all the way up. Remember to bring your map so you know what you’re seeing! The map is called Z53 and is available in the Mountain Station shop.


Length: 8 km (round trip)

The tour starts at the trail center and follows the trail towards Stensdalen. Then follow the signs to Nulltjärn. A nice and easy walk in the birch forest. The beach has a shelter and barbecue area. You can walk back the same way or turn off 100 m through the forest and follow the mile trail home.

Day trips 10-20 km


Length: 12 km (round trip)

A true classic. You walk over the flower-rich Matskålsängarna, over bogs and through birch and spruce forests. You make your way up the high gravel ridges and are greeted by the clear turquoise waters of the Blanktjärn.

Beyond the treetops, you can see the bare mountain spreading out. Along the way is the Nipan rest area with magnificent views of Vålån. You choose whether you want to hike clockwise or counterclockwise, the trail is easy to follow in both directions and you come back to the same starting point at the Vålådalen trail center.

Ottfjällets toppar

Length: 12-15 km (round trip)

From Vålådalen it is possible to climb one of the Ottfjället peaks. You choose how you start the tour. Follow the marked trails from the mountain station, or walk Elljusspåret backwards for about 500 m and turn left onto Intervallspåret (Ottfjällsvägen).

There are trails to Östra Ottfjällstoppen, but remember to bring a map. A mountain map of the area can be bought in the Mountain Station shop. The East summit is about 6 km away and is the highest at 1,265 m.a.s.l. The West summit is slightly lower and is about 7 km away.

Östra Vålådalen & Vallbo

Length: 15-20 km (round trip)

Take the marked trail or Intervallspåret (Ottfjällsvägen) up Ottfjället and then follow the signs to Östra Vålådalen. The tour starts in the birch forest but quickly takes you up to the bare mountain. After a few kilometers, the trail leads back down into the forest.

Once down in Östra Vålådalen, you can take a break with a waffle at Vålågården. From here you can follow trail 282 along Vålån back to Vålådalen Mountain Station. Ask the staff at Vålågården and they will show you. If you continue to Vallbo, Lappkapellet is a good destination. It was built by Jon Jonsson, who became known as the ‘Lapp King’.

Grönvallens Privata Sameviste

Length: 18 km (round trip)

Grönvallen is a well-preserved, private Sami settlement located in the forest between bare mountains and civilization. Cabins and buildings remain, and shelters are available for those who wish to have a coffee in the shelter. The tour goes through birch forest along winding trails and is an excellent option when the wind is strong on the bare mountain.

Isjödalen and 

Length: 26 km (round trip)

One of the most interesting places in the mountains from a geological point of view. Here you can see clear traces of the ice age, including springs, erosion valleys and dead ice pits. The most spectacular are usually considered to be the Pyramids.

Perfectly formed by the erosional remains of the ice sheet and glacial river sediments, these can evoke Egypt. NOTE: The Pyramids themselves are off limits to protect them from wear and tear. The tour winds through birch forest all the way to Issjödalen. Signage from the trail center in Vålådalen.


Length: From Vålådalen 20 km round trip, from Nulltjärn 12 km round trip

The church stone is actually a strange and mythical rock that juts out of Kyrkstensfjället. The legend tells of a Sami couple who went to meet a Caroline priest to have their son baptized. But it was more than the child that was named. The stone became Kyrkstenen, the mountain was named Kyrkstensfjället and the child was named Fjällsten.

The hike is in sheltered terrain and the forest does not thin out until the last 500 meters. If you want to go for a longer walk, start at the Vålådalen trail center and start by following the markings towards Nulltjärn. For a shorter trip, take the car to Nulltjärn and walk from there. A map of the area is available in the Mountain Station shop.

Multi-day tours


Length: 14 km

Just below Lillstensdalsfjället’s characteristic nose is one of Jämtlandsfjällens most beautiful cottage sites. The cottage is located at 750 m above sea level, nestled in birch forest. The river runs right outside the houses and the wood-fired sauna increases the coziness factor.

There are 50 beds in total. The trail to Stensdalen starts at the trail center in Vålådalen and runs mostly in forest. The terrain is easy and the more hilly part of the route is between 10-12 km, before the trail flattens out again. From Stensdalen there are trails to Vålåstugorna and Gåsen.


Length: 20 km

Out on the mountain on the other side of Vålåvalen is Vålåstugorna, where the views from the dinner table are hard to beat. The cabin site is located at 900 meters above sea level and has a total of 50 beds.

The trail to Vålåstugorna can be divided into two parts. The first mile is in birch forest and is relatively flat, until the trail reaches Skaftet and it goes uphill for two kilometers. Once above the tree line, you have 10 kilometers of hiking in open mountain scenery left. Where the trail splits, a turn-off goes down to Stensdalen and the left continues in easy terrain to Vålåstugorna. From here there are trails to Lunndörren and Helags.


Length: 14 km

Lunndörrsstugan is beautifully situated at the northern mouth of the Lunndörr Pass. As well as being interesting from a geological perspective, the valley was also an important route during the Viking Age. The tarn next to the cabin serves as a watering hole and the wood-fired sauna is a delight for any frozen mountain traveler.

Here, at 802 meters above sea level, there are a total of 25 beds waiting for you. From Lunndörren there are trails to Vålåstugorna, Anarisstugan and Tossåsen, the village on the other side of Lunndörren.


Length: 18 km from Vallbo

One of the smallest cabin sites in Jämtlandsfjällen seems like a dream for those seeking wilderness experiences. Anaris is the place for bon vivants who are not afraid of solitude. In addition to fresh air and silence, it also has one of Jämtland’s best fishing waters.

Enjoying nature

Peaceful environment and fabulous nature

Here you are surrounded by pristine mountains, deep forests and rippling streams.