The biathlon arena has 16 lanes and lighting. The dimensions comply with national and international standards and mattresses are available for all courts. 

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Action-packed winter sports

The biathlon arena offers 16 lanes, all of which are equipped with lighting to allow training and competition even at darker times of the day.

The dimensions and design of the courses comply with both national and international standards, ensuring a high-quality and safe experience for all practitioners.

Mattresses are available on all courts. Behind the shooting range, we have a convenient and strategically placed “coach shelf” where coaches can give their skaters direct feedback and support. Next to the shooting range is the mandatory penalty round, ready to challenge the riders who miss their shots.

The biathlon arena is designed to provide an optimal combination of training and competition in a safe and professional environment.

Experience the mountain from the skis

Touring skiing

Vålådalen has a long tradition as a base for ski touring. There are several day hikes in the area, both below and above the bare mountain line.