Children’s Vålådalen

In Vålådalen there are lots of exciting activities for children, both indoors and outdoors.

Simple camping trips

In Vålådalen it is easy to find nice tent sites for the shorter mountain tour. With smaller children, it is enough to walk a few kilometers before setting up camp for the night.

Hiking with children

Adventure is right on your doorstep. In Vålådalen, it’s not far to spectacular cliffs, winding mountain streams, waterfalls, gnarled mountain pines and secret ravines.

Nature center

Naturum in Vålådalen is an information center about the Vålådalen nature reserve. There are great exhibitions about the animals, nature and people who live here.

Skiing game

Skiing can be done in many different ways and the aim is always to have fun. In Vålådalen we have a fantastic cross-country center for everyone from beginners to elite.

Water play

In Vålådalen there are many waterways suitable for swimming and playing.

The natural game

We believe in simplicity and spontaneity. Just being in nature is often exciting enough for younger children. By the babbling brook or along the ravine, your imagination will run wild.

Jump in the legs

In Vålådalen, there are many options for those with a spring in their step. A light pack and light shoes can provide a lot of pleasure in movement.

Sports halls

In Vålådalen we have a full-size sports hall with, among other things, a handball court, basketball baskets, nets for badminton, volleyball and tennis. There is also a trampoline and a climbing wall for bouldering. Our gym is located next to the sports hall.

The Twilight Gang

The evenings at the mountain station are cozy, playful and sometimes exciting. The Twilight Gang is the kids’ own club during the holidays.

Canoe and kayak

At the Vålådalen mountain station you can rent canoes to paddle in Nulltjärn. The pond is big enough for a first trip and the sandy beach makes it easy to get in and out.